Work in Progress

This book is a work in progress. What you are reading now is a draft with known problems and placeholders. It does, however, include all the major ideas and what remains is a process of gradual improvement (with the exception of Part Four, which is undergoing a major rewrite).

The process of writing in this way is an example of what I call the “Knowledge Loop” in the book. The Knowledge Loop consists of learning, creating and sharing. My writing is based on what I have learned. By sharing early, others can learn from my ideas and I, in turn, can learn from their feedback.

I know how powerful this approach is from my experience with blogging for over a decade. I have learned a great deal from reader comments. The same has been true here. You can see some of the amazing initial feedback. Thanks to everyone who has taken the time. If you want to send me a comment please email me at [email protected].

I am using gitbook to write World After Capital and you can track the changes I am making on github. If you are knowledgable in using github you can also make a pull request as a way of contributing. I retain final “commit rights” for changes and as such take responsibility for any and all errors.

There is also a separate FAQ which I will be updating periodically. If you prefer reading on paper or on an eReader, you can download a copy in PDF.

The contents of the book will always be freely available at under a Creative Commons license.

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