I am grateful for all the people who have helped me along the way: my parents who wholeheartedly supported my interest in computers at a time when it was quite unusual and expensive to do so; my wife Susan Danziger and our children Michael, Katie and Peter who made me a better person; my many teachers, including Erik Brynjolfsson and Bengt Holmström, from whom I learned so much; my partners at Union Square Ventures, starting with Fred Wilson and Brad Burnham who invited me to join the firm they had started; the many entrepreneurs I have had the opportunity to work with; the philosophers and scientists, such as David Deutsch, who have demonstrated the power of human knowledge; the friends who have been there through good and bad times; and the many people who have taken the time to comment, who have invited me to speak, who have contributed in ways small and large, with special mentions for Seth Schulman for work on an early draft, Basil Vetas for capable research assistance, and Max Roser for extensive data collection and visualization.

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